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bullet Ireland:
I really liked what I saw at this site, so I thought I'd bring the link here. If you have an interest in Irish clans, then you should definitely check out what they have to offer:


Also, a great place for planning a trip to Ireland:

Ireland's National Tourism Service

bullet Italy: (My Homeland!)
This is a great collection of music, the best of the classics! If you're old enough, many of you will remember these from your childhood. Simply a must have for every Italian-American family:


Some excellent Italian shopping:

Where the e-Jet-Set  shoppers goes  shopping

Banner 10000090

The Pasta Shoppe.

And if you'd like to get an Italian domain name on the internet, here's where you need to start:


bullet Travel:
I travel a lot and book my tickets on the internet all the time. These sites consistently have more flight options and better pricing than any travel agent I've ever worked with:

Airline tickets, hotel and car rental reservations

For some extra help in planning a trip to Europe:

Planning a trip to Europe

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